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We are determined to end all forms caste system, restore human right, equality and dignity.

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An Intro of who we are?

IFETACSIOS is an operational nonprofit and non-governmental organization (NGO), with the initiative to bring freedom and equality to those trapped in obnoxious traditions and customs through our advocacy of re-orientation, reconciliation, abolition and integration programs. Our aim is to eradicate all forms of caste system wherever it is found in Africa.


Our Activity

What We Do

Our Organization closely interact and engage with various concerned individuals and groups, including both the perpetrators, victims and the traditional rulers in the communities. Our re-orientation and reconciliation program have yielded huge and positive results. We allay their fears and renew their minds on the needs to eradicate and abolish the evils from our society. We also fund all processes and stages in order to achieve our set goals. After abolition, we set up a monitoring team to ascertain the level of positive changes achieved.

Project 1: Abolition of the OsuCaste System in the Southeast Region of Nigeria

We are dedicated to the abolition of the Osu caste system in all the communities of the Southeast region of Nigeria respectively.

Project 2: IFETACSIOS Big Dream.

IFETACSISOS Big Dream is the assembling of the Igbos in unison at the Okpara Square, Enugu State to traditionally abolish Osu, Ohu, Ume and Diala Caste system. 


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